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My healing journey with Ormus

Hi there, I am Annie Karmel, and this is my fantastic testimony about Ormus and my journey. Since 2018 I have had an upwards struggle with my overall health. I did not get a diagnosis until July 2020, during the lockdown of Covid. At that time, I was diagnosed with a mental health disorder. Later on, the doctor only confirmed that the problem lay in my gut mostly.

My diagnosis

I was eventually diagnosed in 2021 February with Helicobacter Pylori and gall stones. I was unaware of the steps to take forward because I felt sick daily. Every day wake up, run to the bathroom and vomit out my guts. My symptoms went on from 2018 until December 2022, which is sad to say I got used to it.

However, as sad as the truth is, I started to lose weight drastically. Around 22kgs within one month fell off, and I couldn’t eat anything. Eating food made me sick to my stomach, and the smell of anything made me vomit. It led to my body having mental, physical and emotional breakdowns due to a lack of nutrients.

In 2021 I was only diagnosed with these bacteria and am still fighting them daily. However, a few months ago, I was introduced to Ormus. I have always been sceptical about putting anything in my body due to the fear of its reactions. Simple things such as milk or even bread cause me to get sick.

The doctors kept giving me antibiotics, and I have been on seven courses since Feb 2021. So as you can imagine, after so many chemicals going through my body, I was scared to try something else. On the one side, my body was craving something to heal it and make it feel better. On the other side, I had so little hope for my health and just wanted to die. The pain I was feeling physically from these bacteria is terrible and can last days to weeks.

My symptoms over time

Symptoms go like this:

  1. Pain and fever
  2. Laying on the floor in physical pain
  3. Mental pain from the headaches
  4. Vomiting and diarrhoea followed by extreme constipation
  5. Unable to eat or sleep
  6. The only comfortable position is to lay flat on my back
  7. The symptoms got worse as it was left untreated

Something as small as the wrong type of meat or herb can set it off. When I got Aura Ormus I waited quite some time before I actually started to try it. It’s been a month (11th/1st/2022) and I feel so much better. The vomiting has cut down by around 75% now during a month. I am actually able to eat food with fats, oils and protein without throwing it up. I stopped breaking out in hives and I actually feel a physical difference.

Wake up every morning with more energy and drive. I combined Auraormus with a natural homemade CBD oil a friend gave me. So on the plus side of feeling great, I also benefit from not being in huge amounts of pain.


What we put into our body plays a huge role in how we are, feeling internal and externally. I can vouch that the three years I have had the bacteria it has, been a rollercoaster of medicine and hospitals.

Sometimes you need to give your body healing time, relaxation and minerals it needs. I have tried many different fancy ways of eating, prescribed by nutritionists, dietitians and doctors.

All recommended a low acidic diet, which works well for me. However, adding AuraOrmus to my daily intake helps me function like everyone else.

Thank you, Peter and Charl changing my health and the way I view natural medicine.

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Ormus benefits for the skin

What are Ormus benefits for the skin and why you should use our skin genius face cream and oil combined?

Ormus is a natural ingredient made out of more than 80 vital natural minerals. Including elements such as gold, silver and platinum. Furthermore, these elements have been transformed into a non-metallic mono-atomic state, known as M-state.

Our key ingredient in our product lines is Ormus that can aid in transforming your DNA. Existing everywhere in nature including the human body and brain. Everything, from our hair, skin, nails coupled with muscle tissue and DNA, contains Ormus minerals and elements.

Alchemists have known about Ormus since ancient times, but this knowledge was hidden. Until the 1970s when it was rediscovered and extensively researched. We have now made it available to you in the form of face cream together with healing oil. Face cream and healing oil have all the benefits of Ormus included, additionally with a natural finishing touch. Combining the skin genius product line with organic hemp seed oil and the 12 tissue salts for your skin.

Why do we use Ormus in skin genius?

Generally, Ormus is potent, safe and fully absorbable by microbes, plants, animals and humans. Equally important Ormus acts deep in the skin’s tissue working its way downwards to the roots. Especially a genius transformer that firstly exponentially improves bodily functions. Secondly working on an energetic quantum level. Thirdly awakens your skins natural healing process. Of course, modern lifestyles (through pollution, stress, poor diet etc.) depletes us of this vital health energy substance. The reason is why you need to work alongside nature to better your skin’s well-being.

Skin Genius care products contain pure Ormus:

  • Abundant in over 80 minerals which facilitate your skin’s natural functions and strengthen its integrity.
  • Acts as a superconductive and superfluid, boosting cellular communication.
  • Energy flow to the highest level, unlocking increased health and wellbeing of your skin.
  • Help’s to restore the skin’s correct DNA blueprint, halting and even reversing signs of aging and damaged skin.

Benefits for the skin included in our product lines:

Coconut Cream –• Deeply moisturising and hydrating.
• Natural SPF of 8.
Cold Pressed Food Grade Hemp Seed Oil –• Assists absorption of Vitamin D.
• Omega 3 and 6 Essential Fatty Acids to build the skin natural barrier function.
• Rejuvenating, calming and protective.
Astaxanthin –• Organically cultivated micro-algae from Hawaii.
• Matchless anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.
• Supports collagen and elastin fibres of the skin helping to prevent fine lines and wrinkles.
Aloe Ferox Gel –• Nourishing and hydrating.
• Forms a protective layer on the skin, sealing in moisture without blocking vital skin functions.
• Increases production of fibroblast cells which maintain healthy collagen.
• Powerful anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal.
Combo-12 Biochemic Tissue Salts –• Naturally occurring minerals that constitute all of our body fluids, tissues and organs.
• Bio-available and easily assimilated by the mucous membranes of the skin hypodermis.

Transformus has combined 25% pure ORMUS with dynamic skin-nourishing ingredients to give the skin genius face cream a luxurious, rich creamy texture and feel.  Easily absorbed, it leaves your skin feeling radiant and enlivened. You use this face cream as a daily moisturiser after washing and toning the face.

Ormus skin genius intenstive healing oil

Original healing elixir, a serum that contains 50% pure Ormus. As Ormus in its natural state is watery, healing oil formulation is more fluid in quality than either of the two other products.

Healing oil is for problem skin such as:

  • Acne
  • Eczema
  • Breakouts
  • Red irritated skin due to natural elements
  • Whenever your skin is particularly compromised that needs additional care and attention. 

There are many other Ormus benefits for the skin especially when you start to see the changes. Human skin naturally goes through a cleansing period which detoxes the body. Your skin is where it detoxes the toxins as to why exfoliation is important. Exfoliation can cause slight damages to the skin especially if one uses a hard exfoliant. This is why the skin genius healing oil works wonders with the cream after a deep exfoliation.

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