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We are a group of people with a history of biology, botany, plant genetics, passionate curiosity and a great desire to make a positive impact. We say that Ormus is too good and too important not to share! While we offer a range of high quality Ormus products, the knowledge is not owned by us or anyone, we even teach people and communities how to make it. Part of the proceeds from this website go towards an Ormus school.

Ormus is beneficial to all life and promotes cellular activity in soil microbes, plants, animals and ourselves. It is a truly fascinating discussion, steeped in ancient history and modern re-discovery.

Join us on a journey of exploration into this wonderful world of Ormus. We hope that you will connect with our vision of making a mindful contribution to Mother Earth, her soil and all her children, including us.


We seek constructive TransfOrmation, hence our name TransfOrmus.


Nature's Purest Energy

A mineral complex is the simplest (yet incomplete) way to describe Ormus. Our very existence and health is dependent on minerals.


"You can trace every sickness, every disease and every ailment to a mineral deficiency" says Dr Linus Pauling, considered to be the father of molecular biology. He is winner of 2 Nobel Prizes, one of only four people to ever achieve this remarkable feat. He knew and it is accepted scientific knowledge that all bodily processes depend on the action and interaction of minerals.  


Why do we say our Ormus is Natures Purest Energy?

Nature: Ormus is a natural substance that exists everywhere, in water and air, soil microbes and in our bodies, but in relatively small quantities. We just concentrate this natural substance.

Purest: Once Ormus is sensitively concentrated it collects in a vibrant state. We only use the purest ingredients and conscious positive attention when we make it. Our Ormus is free from preservatives and has no artificial chemicals.

Energy: Energy relates to the way that minerals are required for cell functions. Minerals are the essential power source required for enzymes - which run the biochemical reactions in living things. Additionally, Ormus provides high resonant vibration that imparts harmonic benefit, more subtle energy.


What’s the big deal with minerals and vitamins?

While vitamins are required for every biochemical activity of the body, they can't function without the presence of minerals. Common to all nutrients (vitamins, proteins, enzymes, amino acids, carbohydrates, fats, sugars and oils), is the necessity of minerals for activity. 

Could minerals be viewed as more important than vitamins? Vitamins can be synthesised by living matter, but minerals can’ t be. We have to get minerals from external sources, usually from our food. Sadly, due to environmental pollution and the exploitation of once mineral-rich soils on our planet, eating right just isn't enough anymore. We need to ensure we get the minerals that we need to stay healthy, within a balanced diet.


Other functions of minerals:

  • Maintain pH balance within the body

  • Facilitate the transfer of nutrients across cell membranes

  • Maintain proper nerve conduction

  • Help muscles relax and contract

  • Help regulate tissue growth

  • Provide structural support for the body


Ormus is mineral rich, natural, sustainable and harmonic with nature. The positive effect accumulates over time.

There are still other benefits of Ormus…

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What is Ormus?

A simple question without a simple answer. Don’t worry if you’ve never heard of Ormus...most people haven't!

So what actually is it?

Ormus can be found everywhere, in air and water, soil, plants and even in our bodies and brains.

Ormus (or ORMES) stands for Orbitally Re-arranged Monoatomic Elements. It is considered by many to be another state of matter.


Think about the discovery of X-rays, radio waves or plasma… their discovery caused a change in perspective. At first they were regarded as fringe and/or crazy ideas, but once sufficiently demonstrated they became mainstream science, opening new worlds that we didn’t know existed before. New knowledge demands that we re-contextualise our worldview. The re-discovery of Ormus in the 1970’s is similar.


There are numerous Ormus groups around the world investigating the astonishing properties of this substance. While the results are not yet definitive, the numerous benefits of Ormus usage are widely documented.

There are a multitude of ways to make Ormus, many of which are explained in detail in a meticulous book written by chemist Chris Emmons RPh.

Some examples of these methods include:

  • The Wet Method (our preferred approach)

  • Live Oil process

  • Cold extraction process

  • Concord grape process (… so now you know you can make Ormus from grape juice or carrots, using sodium bicarbonate - aka baking soda). This breaks down the sugar bonds and concentrates the Ormus. She adds that this method is not recommended on a sodium restricted diet.


How do we make TransfOrmus Ormus?... the Wet Method

Technically it is not a complex process. We extract the Ormus from 5 super salts, using brine and filtered water. The Ormus is dropped out of solution by slowly adding sodium hydroxide, critically ensuring that the pH never rises above 10.7. The Ormus then settles and is washed three times.

(If you choose to make your own, PLEASE take proper care when handling chemicals which are strongly alkaline)!

It is known that the sea water contains gold and many other elements that have been washed into the ocean by rivers flowing from the land for millions, if not billions of years.

In summary, our Ormus is a chemical transformation of the super salts from ancient oceans… that result in such an effective compound, containing more than 70 essential and many rare minerals, including gold.

Why do we mention gold? This captivating, enduring metal has various extraordinary properties, many of which are shared among the platinum group elements. Collectively, gold, silver and the platinum group elements (rutheniumrhodiumpalladiumosmiumiridium and platinum), are called the noble metals in chemistry. These metals that are resistant to corrosion and oxidation and they feature strongly in battery / energy storage and superconductor research. As we dig a bit deeper we will understand the significance of this.

The noble metals are prominent in Ormus. The elements are transformed in the process to their “mono-atomic” or M-state. This special non-metallic state is what makes Ormus so potent, safe and fully absorbable by microbes, plants, animals and humans. It is also sometimes referred to as white powder gold.

The best Ormus for you?

…is the one you make yourself. It is regarded as a truism among teachers and makers of Ormus. This is because your intention when you make it influences the Ormus. Many will doubt the possibility of this, yet much work has been done to validate these claims. These type of effects are also widely shown to exist in the world of quantum physics. It’s not just wishful thinking.

Ormus can be taken directly, absorbed through the skin or by eating plants grown with Ormus.


Ormus, soil and plants

Minerals are essential for life. Cells need minerals for healthy growth and maintenance.

A wide spectrum of minerals are present in our Ormus, (at least 70), mostly in trace quantities. These include many minerals that are difficult to get elsewhere.


So on the matter level, ingesting mineral and nutrient dense foods, promotes healthier microbial, plant, animal and human health. Ormus promises to deliver on this vital component of healthy organisms. 

Soil health

Adding our agriOrmus to compost or soils where food and feed is being produced,
stimulates healthy microbial life tremendously.

Microbial populations in healthy soils work in synergy with plant roots to ensure nutrient-dense healthy food , to the benefit of all life on our planet, including us. This is totally sustainable and builds soil health over time.

Sprouted seeds are another great way to take Ormus. Soak seeds in an Ormus solution before sprouting.

Apricots 2
Walnut trees2
Barry Carter
Rosemary 3
VI Marijuana
Raspberries 2

Pictures courtesy of Subtleenergies.com and Vancouver Island Ormus

Key Benefits of Ormus

  • •    Crop yields are increased, as is photosynthesis

  • •    More drought tolerant

  • •    Increases soil micro flora

  • •    Increases nitrogen fixing bacteria in soil

  • •    Increases phosphorous leaching fungi

  • •    Improves soil health

  • •    More resistant to insects and disease so less need for pesticides 

  • •    Fruit is larger and better tasting

  • •    Produce lasts longer on the shelf

  • •    Mineral and vitamin content increased

  • •    Plants produce sooner

  • •    Application is easy

  • •    Application is inexpensive

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