1. How often to take AuraOrmus?

We believe the effects and benefits of AuraOrmus are cumulative, in other words when your mineralization is low, it needs to be built up with regular dosage. Best is to take AuraOrmus once per day for at least a couple of months, and then to start reducing if needed. The frequency of taking is also connected with a healthy diet of mineral-rich food, the better the diet the less frequent dosage would be needed, and vice versa.

  1. How to take AuraOrmus?

The liquid form of AuraOrmus is already quite concentrated, and should preferably be diluted with about half a cup of good quality water. The recommended daily quantity is between 2.5 ml (1/2 a teaspoon) and 5 ml (one teaspoon) per day. We’ve had customers who get by with a couple of drops per day, and others who can easily handle one tablespoon per day. So, there is no golden rule, observe your body carefully and take more or less, as required.

Our recommendation is to take AuraOrmus first thing in the morning, to get the benefit of that long, steady release of energy throughout the day and into the evening. Best not to take Ormus close to sleep time, although many people have no effect of being over-stimulated and therefore not to sleep too well.  

  1. Are there any food safety concerns?

The product safety sheets of some of the TransfOrmus products are available on this web site, in about 15 years of working with Ormus there have been no safety issues that you should be concerned about. In exceptional cases a bit of diarrhoea, has been reported, which we attribute to the gut microbes going through a “health crisis” as a result of this new mineral-rich diet they are suddenly exposed to.

  1. Any precautions that I should be made aware of?

Not really, our products are completely safe and beneficial, and contain no preservatives or unnatural chemicals. We do subscribe to the philosophy of “do no harm” and “working with nature”, and that is our commitment.

  1. What about Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) effects?

Unfortunately our modern life and conveniences such as cell phones and wi-fi do expose us to high levels of EMF every day. Ormus, having been imprinted with good intentions, can lose its potency if exposed to high dosages of EMF. Therefore our recommendation is to store our Ormus in spaces not too close to EMF and strong electrical devices. Wrapping your bottle of Ormus in heavy duty tin foil can also help a lot to shield EMF radiation away.

  1. Can I overdose on Ormus?

We think not, your body will simply eject minerals that are not needed in the body in a natural way.

  1. Interactions with other meds

We don’t know of any contra indications when using Ormus together with other medicines.

  1. Are there any non-natural additives and/or preservatives in Ormus?

None, AuraOrmus is made from natural salts as source material, and being pure minerals have an unlimited shelf life. No other additives or preservatives are added

  1. How is Ormus collected?

We use the alchemical “wet method” to extract and transform the Ormus minerals from salt sources. A 12.5% solution of sodium hydroxide is slowly added to the salty solution, after which the bondages that holds the Ormus minerals tightly are broken and the Ormus is released. The collected Ormus is then purified (rinsed) three times with clean water to bring the pH down to about 9, and any remaining impurities are removed through filtering.

  1. Can I attend a workshop or lecture to be informed better?

Yes, TransfOrmus does present both Ormus-making workshops and talks about Ormus. You are welcome to attend one or more of those, the date, place and time will also usually be announced on the TransfOrmus Facebook page.