Ormus is ancient, it was known in Biblical times (as manna) and Egyptian times (as MFKZT) meaning: “What is it?” It is known by many other names, like prana, chi, white powder gold.


It is believed that the Tigris-Euphrates river civilisation were some of the earliest users of this remarkable stuff, and they called it white powder of gold.

Fifth Dynasty Egyptians speak of a field of MFKZT in the pyramid texts. This is again evidenced in the Egyptian Book of the Dead, which refers to “the bread of the presence of God” and the “golden tear from the eye of Horus”. This was fed to pharaohs, seeking better health, longer life and enlightenment.


The Egyptian knowledge was wiped out when they were destroyed by the Amelekites, but fortunately Moses took the knowledge out of Egypt during the Exodus – Manna (or “ what is it”?). Exodus 32:20 describes Moses coming down the mountain and seeing the golden calf that the Israelites had built. He burnt the gold (gold usually melts not burns!) mixed it with water and fed it to the children of Israel. This could only have been gold in a monatomic or Ormus state.


The Essenes were a mystical sect that lived by the Dead Sea who also kept the tradition of manna alive, and Dead Sea salt remains one of the best sources of Ormus to this day.


In the “Book of the Art of Distillation”, originally published in 1500, the word “dove” was used for the first time to describe the precipitate.


Fortunately for us, alchemists kept the secrets of Ormus-making alive but hidden, until it was
rediscovered by David Hudson in the 1970’s. Hudson has spent many years and over $7 million researching Ormus. This research has shown that Ormus exhibits super-conductive properties. This means that molecules behave more like light and less like particles. When superconductivity occurs in the body, the energy flow of every living cell is enhanced, causing a benefit to life. There is increased vigour in building, repairing and maintaining the body or plant.

Essentially, Ormus is seen to be to the benefit of all life, including the mind/body/ spirit.

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Chemistry is concerned with the way that matter interacts with other matter. Alchemy is the same, but understands that the person doing the work influences the outcome, just as observation impacts the behavior of matter in the quantum world.— weird but true.

Ormus combines Matter (the minerals) and Spirit (the maker) and exhibits quantum effects.


Albert Einstein claimed “everyone who is seriously involved in the pursuit of science becomes convinced that a spirit is manifest in the laws of the Universe – a spirit vastly superior to that of man, and one in the face of which we with our modest powers, must feel humble.”

It is said that the best Ormus for you is the one you make yourself. It is regarded as a truism among teachers and makers of Ormus. This is because your intention when you make it influences the Ormus. Many will doubt the possibility of this, yet much work has been done to validate these claims. These type of effects are also widely shown to exist in the world of quantum physics. It’s not just wishful thinking.


The chemistry, the magical mineral material….is the effortless way to describe Ormus. To grasp it more fully, we need to examine the other qualities that Ormus exhibits. It is helpful to share the work of the late Dr. Masuru Emoto to illustrate a key principle – imprinting.

Dr. Emoto conducted incredible experiments with water. For example, he exposed the same water in the same conditions to 2 different messages – love and hate this time.

He would then freeze some water and photograph the crystals. Water exposed to positive messages formed elegant, symmetric crystals, which was absent from those subjected to negative ones.

Once prayed over, the water could crytsalise.

The idea of the experiment has been extended to rice with equally astonishing results. Note how the rice on the right is in much better state than the same rice on the left. Only the words on the outside are different after 27 days.



The key take-out is that we can influence the quality of things around us by with thoughts and messages! This is obviously not new, but it visibly demonstrates the power of our thought and message projections, to imprint and influence matter substantially.


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